Terms of Use: from Free Trial to Registered User

The following three options to access decoding/encoding functionality are available to you:
 - Not registered user - Free with limited decodes per day.

ActionType of User
Not registered user 14 day Free
Message decoding
for Release 4/5
Yes Yes
Message editing
for Release 4/5
No Yes
Message decoding
for Release 6/7/8/9/10
No Yes. 5 times per day
Message editing
for Release 6/7/8/9/10
No No

Option 1. "Not registered user"

What it means: user who has not submitted his/her email and has not paid any subscription fee
What to do: No registration is required. Use our decoder for free. When you access licensed functionality you will get a warning message.

Option 2. "14 day free"

What it means: user who has submitted his/her email but has not paid any subscription fee.
What to do: To Register enter your email below and click "Submit"
You will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please follow the instruction listed in the e-mail.
Note: If you are an already registered user and you want to use 3GPP Message Analyser from a different browser or computer,
you can use the same e-mail address which you have used for the preivious registration.

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