Updates of Decoder/Encoder

Latest Technical Updates

Date Description
2018/01/01: Added Support of Rel.13 Sep/Dec 2017 version of LTE NAS and RRC.
2017/09/19: Added Support of "Rel13 V13.2.0" for E-UTRAN RRC "TS36.331".
Link to E-UTRAN RRC Decoder/Encoder : http://www.3gpp-message-analyser.com/decoder/eurrc.htm
2017/07/17: Added Support for Release-13, includes newly added EC-EGPRS.
New channels "EC-BCCH/EC-CCCH" are available in Decoder/Encoder at: http://www.3gpp-message-analyser.com/decoder/grrc.htm
2016/01/01: Added decoding/encoding of Minimum Set of Data (MSD) used in eCall. References: 3GPP TS 26.267 , 3GPP TS 22.101, 3GPP TS 26.268, EN 15722:2011 "Intelligent transport systems - eSafety - eCall minimum set of data (MSD)".
New Decoder/Encoder is available at: http://www.3gpp-message-analyser.com/decoder/msd.htm
2013/09/07: Added decoding of SMS Message Content in NAS messages (GSM7 alphabet). Reference: 3GPP TS23.040.
2014/03/01: Added support of Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1)
Reference: 3GPP TS 25.413, 25.419, 25.423, 25.433, 25.453, 25.468, 25.469.
Reference: 3GPP TS 36.413, 36.423, 36.443 or 36.444.
2013/09/07: Added decoding of SMS Message Content in NAS messages (GSM7 alphabet). Reference: 3GPP TS23.040.
2013/01/09: Fix decoding of the RRC Connection Setup Complete: decoding was limited to the first 110 bytes.
2012/04/23: Fix NAS message decoding: Routing Area Update Request, 'Mobile Identity' field (3GPP 24.008 Rel10:Dec 2011).
2011/10/15: Fix for LTE RRC in rel9 and rel10 (TS36.331): interpretation of "WITH COMPONENTS" in sourceSystemInformationBlockType1.
2011/10/06: Fix for EGPRS data blocks decoding (TS44.060, 44.004).
2011/08/13: Support RRLP (TS44.031) from Miscellaneous Message Parser & Composer.
2011/08/12: Fix wrong decoding problems for EUTRAN and UTRAN RRC Message.
Support payload PDU for GERAN/UTRAN Handover message, UE Capability etc. in EUTRAN RRC message.
Support GTTP message from GERAN RRC.
2011/08/10: Support LAPDm (TS44.006) and LLC PDU (TS44.064) from Miscellaneous Message Parser & Composer.
2011/07/15: Support EGPRS RLC/MAC data block decoding for release 7 or later.
Update of UMTS RRC for release 9 and 10 to 3GPP specifications released in June 2011

2011/05/09: Support VoLGA Message.

2011/05/06: Fix composing bug in MSIE.
2011/05/05: Support GAN Message(TS44.813)
2011/04/28: Support Rel9 & 10
2011/04/19: Add new funciton to parse & compose the divided payload messages for UTRAM BCCH-BCH-Message/ BCCH-FACH-Message, and GERAM Packet Serving Cell Data/ Packet Neighbour Cell Data.
2011/04/09: Remove following Version because ASN.1 is same as previous version. UTRAN: Rel7 V7.17.0 Rel7 V7.18.0 Rel7 V7.19.0 Rel8 V8.14.0 E-UTRAN: Rel8 V8.11.0 Rel8 V8.12.0
2011/04/08: Support GP-110388 for EGPRS Packet Downlink Ack/Nack.
2011/04/07: Add BBS.
2011/04/04: Support following UTRAN Version. -Rel7 V7.19.0 (2011-03) -Rel8 V8.14.0 (2011-03) Support following E-UTRAN Version. -Rel8 V8.13.0 (2011-03)
2011/04/02: Add the Japanese page
2011/03/30: Support GERAN RLC/MAC Message
2011/03/29: Support GERAN RRC Message
2011/03/28: Support Core network protocols Messages (NAS Messages)
2011/03/25: Site renewal
2011/03/23: Support EUTRAN RRC on TS 36.331 V8.12.0 (2010-12)
2011/03/03: Start of this site.