Mobile Protocol Message Parser and Composer

User's Guide

  • Introduction
  • Requirement for use
  • Usage
  • Message parsing result
  • Message composer function

    This tool provides the parsing and composing functionality for the mobile protocol stack messages.
    By this tool, you can parse and compose the message PDU by easy and intuitive user interface.

    Requrement for use

    JAVAScript and Cookie should be enable.


    (1) Select the Plotocol message type
    Following message type are supported. Please select the necessary protocol type on the Home page of this siute.

    Main Parser and Composer window for selected protocol type will be displayed.

    (2) Select the minimum necessary items for message PDU parsing
    On the main Parser and Composer window for each protocol type, you have to select some items.
    See each main Parser and Composer window for the items to be selected.
    (3) Input the Message PDU
    As the message PDU to be parsed, you can input Octet string type or Bit string type.
    You can blank the message PDU. When you blank the message PDU in case of NAS and GERAN messages, dialog box for message type selection will be displayed after pressing the "Parse" button so please follow the instruction of the dialog box.

    Octet Bit

    (4) Push "Parse" button
    Please push "Parse" button when the message PDU is ready to parse. Parsing result of the message PDU will be displayed.

     Message parsing result 

    Following is the example of the message parsing result.

    3GPP Version: TS36.331 Rel8 V8.9.0
    Message name: UERadioAccessCapabilityInformation
    Message PDU: 0000

    00 0.......   criticalExtensions = 0 :c1
       .000....    c1 = 0 :ueRadioAccessCapabilityInformation-r8
       ....0...      nonCriticalExtension = 0 :Absent
       .....000      ue-RadioAccessCapabilityInfo length(octet) = 0
    00 00000...
       .....000  Spare Bits = 000b


    Composing a Message 

    In the window with message PDU parsing result you can change the content of the message.
    When you click the value part of each message component parameters then the dialog box will be displayed. In the dialog box change the parameter value. After changing the value of the selected parameter new parsing result of the message will be displayed.